Frequently Asked Questions

What is in ProSure®?

  • High level of high-quality protein to help build muscle mass
  • Energy-dense formulation, with 300 calories in each serving to provide energy in a small volume
  • Lower-fat formula than standard oral nutritional supplements and has omega-3 fatty acids (EPA) as part of the fat blend to help reduce delayed stomach emptying as compared to saturated and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • EPA, an omega-3 fatty acid that normalizes some of the metabolic processes that cause weight loss and help reduce inflammation
  • MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, an easily digested, readily absorbed source of fat
  • FOS, a prebiotic fiber found in many foods (bananas, tomatoes, onion, barley) that helps support health of the digestive tract
  • Enhanced levels of vitamins and minerals that are commonly reduced in cancer patients
Important note: Because cancer-induced weight loss caused by metabolic changes occurs regardless of your eating habits, ProSure® should supplement, not replace, your meals. Use under medical supervision.

Who should drink ProSure®

ProSure® is designed specifically for people with cancer who are at risk for or are experiencing involuntary weight loss associated with cancer.

How does ProSure® help?

ProSure® contains EPA to help normalize metabolism, and provides additional calories and protein to help you regain weight and muscle. ProSure® has been tested in clinical trials.

When should I start drinking ProSure®?

Most people with cancer are at risk for involuntary weight loss. The earlier you start drinking ProSure® in addition to your normal diet, the easier it may be to manage - or even hold off - your weight loss.

How does ProSure® taste?

ProSure® flavors (banana, orange, vanilla, chocolate, and café latte) are mildly sweet, to meet the preferences of people with cancer.

Does ProSure® have a fishy odor or flavor?

No, these side effects have not been reported by people consuming ProSure®. ProSure® contains EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) from highly refined, high-quality, deodorized marine oil so there is no fish odor or taste. Moreover, ProSure® is pleasant-tasting and convenient.

What types of cancer are most likely to cause involuntary weight loss?

Cancers that are frequently associated with involuntary weight loss include cancers of the colon, esophagus, head and neck, kidney, lung, pancreas, rectum, and stomach, as well as advanced breast cancer, leukemia, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancers.

How is weight loss associated with cancer different from weight loss due to dieting and exercising?

Certain types of cancer cause changes in the body that result in decreased appetite, burning more calories than normal, and increased breakdown of muscle. Simply eating more food isn't the answer if the underlying problems aren't addressed.

How much ProSure® should I drink each day?

Two servings of ProSure® per day are recommended to obtain the optimal level of 2 g of the omega-3 fatty acid EPA per day. Studies show that 2 g of EPA addresses the metabolic changes that cause cancer-induced weight loss.

Is there a recommended length of time that people should consume ProSure®?

Regaining weight and building muscle takes time. Allow at least 3 to 4 weeks to see progress. Consult your healthcare professional to see how long you should use ProSure®. Use ProSure® under healthcare professional supervision.

Does ProSure® have any side effects?

No side effects to using ProSure® are known.

Is ProSure® suitable for children with cancer?

The decision to use ProSure® for any child with cancer should be left to the child's healthcare professional. Use with caution in children under 10 years of age.

Can people with cancer who are overweight use ProSure®?

Yes. Loss of lean body mass results in poor outcomes for people of all body sizes. Though it is sometimes difficult to see loss of lean body mass in an overweight patient, anyone who has cancer and has lost weight may benefit from ProSure®.

Can people with cancer who have diabetes use ProSure®?

Yes, the decision to use ProSure® in people with cancer who have diabetes should be made by a healthcare professional. ProSure® contains 44 g of total carbohydrate per 240 ml serving, 7 g of which come from sugar (sucrose). As with any change in dietary intake, oral supplementation can affect blood glucose levels. Blood glucose monitoring should be continued on a regular basis to make sure blood glucose control is maintained.

If you have diabetes and use exchanges to plan your meals, use one set of the following exchanges for each serving of ProSure®:

  • 3 starch and 2 meat (lean) or
  • 2½ starch, 1 milk (nonfat), and 1 fat

Is ProSure® safe for people with seafood allergies?

Yes, no allergies to the marine oil in ProSure® have been reported. Individuals who are allergic to crustaceans, such as crabs and shrimp, are unlikely to have an allergic reaction to ProSure®. People who are allergic to other fish should consult their healthcare professional for advice.