Additional Tips for Taste

Cook in the usual manner. Add some ProSure before serving. Stir well. Serve with golden syrup or sugar to further increase the calories.

Rice pudding
Warm up a can of rice pudding. Add some or all of a pack of ProSure (you can try any flavor to see which you prefer) and stir in. Top with a spoonful of jam or honey, if preferred.

Make up some custard, or heat some prepared custard. Allow custard to cool for a minute. Add some or all of a pack of ProSure, and stir in well.

ProSure can be used with various flavored jellies. Make up the jelly with boiling water as normal to dissolve it. But add ProSure instead of adding cold water to make the volume up. It is best to whisk the ProSure in to avoid curdling.

Mousses and instant whips
Use ProSure instead of milk and whisk in a mousse or instant whip powder. Chill as directed.

Mix equal amounts of ProSure and yogurt. You may like to try matching the flavor of either orange or banana ProSure to a yogurt, or try vanilla with other flavors. This could be served with soft fruit as an idea for breakfast or a snack between meals.

Fruit smoothie
Blend fruit combinations into the different flavors of ProSure. Add ice cream for a real high calorie treat!

If you have diabetes, please consult your healthcare professional before trying any of the sweet recipes.