Patient Success Stories

Eileen W.

Eileen W

"My appetite has returned and I feel more energetic. I am now able to eat my meals with enjoyment, and I'm able to enjoy my life."


Glen H.

Glen H

"It feels good to go to work and I still pick up a casual game of tennis now and again."


Ho Wen L.

"My appetite has been restored, my legs have regained muscle mass and my quality of life has improved."


Russ G.

Russ G

"His improvement since using ProSure has enabled him to resume normal social and recreational activities, including his favorite -- fishing!"


Dr. Trường G.

Dr. Trường G.

"I drank milk such as Prosure, cow milk, soya milk,, etc. to supplement enough nutrition. Prosure is especially good in maintaining my weight. It provides a great source of energy and EPA which is essential for cancer patients."